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Anticrisis & Dark Gently

Many people have found my site here as a result of learning of my primary musical project:  Anticrisis.  They have read the thoughts on my pages here, seen my artistic work and wondered how the two differing mindsets could possibly fit together.

People change.

I spent twelve years as a Christian.  Around year ten I started Anticrisis.  My last year as a Christian was filled with emotional and spiritual conflict yet i endured in my chosen faith.  It was during these times that many of the Anticrisis songs were written.

Perhaps ten months after my unlabelling of myself I put out the Anticrisis cd "Release".  All of the music on the cd was written from a Christian perspective and when I was still a Christian.  For those of you who differentiate (as i once did) "Release" is a Christian album.

Dark Gently's "Independent Soul" cd due out later this year is sort of in the same boat.  Theresa remains a Christian, my work and lyrics on the cd was from a time when I was still a Christian.  "Independent Soul" will also be a Chrisitan album.

Any new Anticrisis material is not Christian.  My morals haven't changed very much so most of the new material should continue to be acceptable to those who liked Release.  I have only written two tracks in the past year and a half as photography has been my primary focus in that time.  I expect to do more work as Anticrisis but I do not know what that timeframe will look like.

If you found my site as a result of Anticrisis, thanks for your interest.  Enjoy the music and remain open-minded.  If are a Christian I encourage you to remember that Christianiy is supposed to be a pesonal faith.  Accepting someone else's word is not personal, seeing how it plays out in your own life IS.  I am not trying to convert people away from Christianity, i am simply saying not to be satisfied with your areas of dissatisfaction.  The answers are there and you can find them, just keep an open mind as you look for them.