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Skytalks 2015

By Dan on August 10, 2015 1:03 PM

If you made my Skytalks talk in Vegas this past weekend thank you so much!  It was exciting to see so many people running around wearing badges I designed!

I promised links to my presentation.  I have modified it slightly to include some more of what I said while the slides were up.  Download them and check them out!  Powerpoint and Keynote formats.

Skytalks 2013 Full Set

By Dan on July 16, 2013 9:32 AM

A few months ago I did an art pice on my iPad for this year's SkyTalks track at DefCon.  I was pleased enough with it.  That was originally going to be the end of my involvement with the project since I wasn't going to ba able to make it this year and I didn't have a ton of time.  BK asked me for some assistance with the the badges and it caught me at a moment where I actually had a moment so I obliged.

After reducing my work to black/white/single color I was struck with the contrast of this piece versus my orignal piece.  BK asked me to do the DefCon program page for SkyTalks as well and I had to make a decision.  I agreed to do the page but I also made the decision to completely retool the main design, using the badges as an inspiration.  Here is the result in wallpaper form:

Here is a link to the full 1920x1080 resolution version.

Finally, here is the page that will be appearing in the DefCon program:

In short, there are some fun talks lined up and some great people involved.  If you can make it to Vegas for DefCon 21 drop by SkyTalks and tell them you like the art!

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